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CrossFit Open 19.1 - The Inside Track

It’s here! The 2019 CrossFit Open is underway, with the first workout officially a very straightforward couplet. 19.1 is…

While some of our shorter athletes might be out there shedding a few tears, fear not. Like all workouts, if you go into this with a strategic plan, you can tackle it. However, I won’t lie to you… this one is going to hurt just a little bit.

So before jumping into the workout, take some time to prepare yourself, and read through the following coaching pointers to ensure that you’re ready to take on 19.1. Here’s the workout again:

15 minute AMRAP

19 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs) (Target 10’/9’)19 Calorie Row

Full full workout standards, visit  games.crossfit.com.

19.1 Strategy

The name of the game for this one is going to be pacing. While 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time across the span of your life, it can sure feel like a lot when it when it comes to the sport of CrossFit. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Make sure that your rower is set up correctly ahead of time - it can’t hurt to practice your transition from the rower to your wall ball station. If you need to take a few seconds to breathe, don’t do it on the rower. Stand up, and head back to your wall ball station.

Workout Pacing:

This isn’t a workout you should just mosey on through. These 15 minutes are going to hurt a little bit, so set your mind right and start the workout with the plan of finishing at the same or even faster pace towards the end. ​

A good number to keep in mind is about 85% effort as a starting point, hold that for 12 minutes, then ramp up those last 2-3 minutes for a strong finish.

WOD Set-up:

It can’t hurt to try to get your rower near your wall ball target area to cut down on your transition time, if gym space allows. When you are walking through your 19.1 movements, use chalk and mark on the floor where your feet should go for the wall balls. This will help you always head back to the exact same spot, and not stand too far away from the wall (or too close).  

19.1: The Movements

Wall Ball tips

Instead of keeping your hands up high for your entire set of wall balls, use a clearing stroke, which is demonstrated here: https://youtu.be/Rar3qDRDwCsKeep your squat natural - don’t shorten it, or try to do anything different than what you normally would.Plan to keep your wall ball sets consistent. For example, 10/9 sets is way better than trying to go unbroken, burning out, and then having to drop to much smaller sets.  If you struggle to get below parallel or tend to have squat issues, olympic lifting shoes may be able to help you hit optimal squatting position.If you feel yourself starting to burn out, trying jumping just slightly for each rep.

Rowing tips

Find an ideal damper setting before hand. If you know what drag factor is and want to find that, go for it. To keep it simple, I recommend rowing somewhere between 4 and 6, with women on the lower side.Specifically for 19.1, think about keep your hips ‘high’ as you sit on the rower. This will help make wall balls a bit easier.Stroke should be this sequence: Knees, hips, armsWhen finishing your pull, lean back just slightly - about 10 degrees. The row handle should be coming to just below your sternum, with extended knees, elbows in by your ribs.Recovery should follow this sequence: Arms, hips, knees

CrossFit Open 19.1: Masters

Everyone's the same for this workout, until we get to ages 55 and above. Here are your changes:

Men 55+: 20 lb wall ball, 9’ target*Women 55+: 10 lb wall ball, 9’ foot target

CrossFit Open 19.1: Scaled:

Again, everyone is going to be doing the same workout here, with a change in med ball weights.

Men: 14 lb wall ball, 10’ targetWomen: 10 lb wall ball, 9’ target

For full 19.1 workout standards and breakdown, check out the CrossFit website.

Need to be brought up to speed on all of the changes made to the format of the 2019 CrossFit Games season? Check out this article.

19.1: Full Length Strategy Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WmcPBJVNK4&feature=youtu.

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