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Featured Athlete: Yvette Rode!!!

Featured Athlete: Yvette Rode!!!

“I’ll never forget the day Yvie finally inquired about CrossFit. We were both working a fundraiser passing out tickets and she jokingly asked me, “I’m looking for something that I can do to help me get in better shape, and also meet some new friendly faces, do you know of anything like that?” Well as a matter of fact, I do!!! Since that day, I have watched her grow into this amazing, inspiring athlete. She is such a joy to be around and to work out with. I love that she completely embraced the process. Take one look at her and you will be completely blown away with her progress. She is physically and mentally in the best shape of her life.” -Coach Watts

Words from Yvette:

I had the usual reasons of wanting to lose weight and tone up, and I wanted to get stronger and more physically able to do my job as a firefighter. But the real reason I finally walked into the box was the influence of Coach Watts and Coach G! Seeing someone undergo the CrossFit transformation with my own eyes convinced me to give it a try.

My first class was July 4th, 2016, and I’ll never forget it! When the timer stopped on that first workout I thought “holy crap, that was intense...and I think I loved it!” I’d never had a fitness experience like that before. I was completely spastic - I didn’t know the difference between a barbell and a kettlebell, and I had NO IDEA there were so many kinds of squats! But during the workout every single person in the class told me “good job!” and “keep it up, you’re almost done!” and I wanted to be part of that supportive community and do what they could do. 

Through CrossFit and the people, I’ve met in the box, fitness has changed every part of my life. I went from feeling like the weakest link at work to having strangers stop me on a regular basis to ask where I work out. I can’t get enough of the way I feel after a really great workout, and CrossFit has taught me to have achievement-based body goals instead of aesthetic ones. I’ve developed a much healthier and more sustainable relationship with food (I need it to fuel my gains!), and most importantly, the people I’ve met at CrossFit Assateague started as friends and have become more like family. We sweat together, suffer together, and encourage each other more than any group of people I’ve ever met. 

If you are considering giving CrossFit a try, DO IT. DO IT NOW. Don’t wait until you’re “fit enough to start CrossFit” or put it off another week or month or forever. Don’t be intimidated by the equipment or the lingo (you’ll learn that stuff), and every single class will be filled with people who will go out of their way to help and support and encourage you. The coaches are incredible, attentive, and I promise they will make sure that every workout is tailored exactly right for you. Come let us celebrate every fitness achievement and milestone with you!

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